Air Force Veteran

Air Force VeteranAir Force Veteran

Air Force Veteran; can you just see me as a military man? Well, I was one once – from 16 Sept. ’57 ’til 16 Sept.’61 – a Psychiatric Technician (Specialty code 9358) – for 3-plus years in the hospital squadron at Sheppard AFB in Wichita TX (as close to serving in a foreign country as I ever want to be).

I worked in air conditioned comfort. One of my jobs was to design a miniature golf course for the patients. It makes one feel kinda guilty after seeing what our young boys and girls are going through these days. But, somebody had to take care of the broken ones, even during that “peaceful” time.

Oh, yeah, one more thing: I was a CHARTER member of the brand-new Sheppard AFB Little Theater. My 1st part was as Eddie in “Born Yesterday.” HERE IS TO EVERY VETERAN EVERY WHERE!!! Continue reading

Demo Reel (Rockin’ The Auto Show)

Demo ReelDemo Reel

Rockin’ The Auto Show

Demo Reel: THE DAYS OF THE 8×10 ARE WAAYY LONG GONE! AS IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW! So, the SUPER crew over at Pacific Talent (MY agency) got on me about not having my piano playing skills out there.

And on video – not just a “high-school graduation” type-pic of me leaning on a piano.

Here’s a shot from a REALLY lose show Bev. and I did for and with my brother, Doug, in Vancouver WA in Aug. And I thank my Grand-niece, Marissa, for taking these clips.

To see the video click here

Welcome to The New Website

Welcome to The New WebsiteWelcome to The New Website

Welcome to The New Website.  As some of you may know I used to program Dennis official website back in the 90’s called trekntracy.  This new site has been designed to replace that one and highlight the career of this fantastic actor.

Hold onto your hats this is going to be a wild ride.  Make it So!

For more information on Dennis please click the About Dennis tab in the top left of this page.

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Morton Junior High

Morton Junior High

Morton Junior High: Recycleman is a superhero for the 21st century who uses upbeat music to teach kids how they can save the planet.  Our unique blend of environmental education, infectious music and superhero fun wins the hearts and minds of people of all ages.  Reycleman and the Dumpster Divers have performed conservation shows throughout the Pacific Northwest for over a decade.  The environment needs help and Recycleman’s original songs teach kids how to tune in and rock out! Recycleman’s messages about water, energy and resource conservation have reached over 125,000 students in school assemblies and countless others at fairs, festivals and events.